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House Removals in RochdaleThe cost of house removals in Rochdale will vary from one moving company to another. Some will give you a price based on square footage of your home or weight. But you may be surprised at the end of the move to see add-ons tallied into your final bill. Fees such as fuel costs based on distance, or an output tax. Some removal companies require you to cover the temporary insurance cost to protect your goods during the process of removal. Be aware too, that if the removal company does not carry liability insurance for its employees and one of them falls down your stairs, you are liable. It’s a sad fact of life some companies operate this way with a straight face and no regard for customer service.

Littleborough Removals operates differently and has since our establishment in 1991. In Rochdale, house removals by Littleborough Removals is the safest, cheapest and least stressful way to move home. We have proven customer service and fair pricing are the keys to an enduring business. We promise you up front that we will beat anyone else’s price, value for value. When you get bids from others, ask to see their proof of insurance. Find out if their quote includes packing or packing materials. Ask if the price includes any taxes or fuel fees. Will they charge you extra for the piano? It isn’t that the fees are not legitimate; they are. The deception is in quoting one price and charging another. The price we quote you includes everything and it will still be lower than any others. We are fully insured.

Our company is one of the highest rated for house removals in Rochdale and throughout the local area. We offer the expertise that translates to an efficient, safe and low stress house removal experience for our customers. Contact us for a house removal quote if you are in Oldham, Haslingden, Shaw, Bury, Ramsbottom, Todmorden, Ripponden or Rochdale. We appreciate each of our customers and tailor each house removal to the specific set of circumstances. Our staff is courteous to our customers but also to the neighbours on both ends of the move. Sometimes a removal can create minor inconveniences for the neighbours. Since we are representing you, we maintain a high standard of consideration for all.

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