“Some Hints and Advice”

1. Dismantle beds (and/or any other furniture you can)

2. Place packed cartons in one room away from furniture (preferably near the front of the house)

3. Don’t defrost fridge for local moves, keep it running until we are ready to move it as water will constantly leak if defrosted

4. You can leave clothes in drawers, but NOT breakables. Do not load up drawers with extra clothing

5. We suggest that you move any delicate, valuable or extremely fragile smaller items yourself and do not leave such items in drawers etc. as the drawers are often inverted in the loading process causing the items to fall out

6. Ensure that all vehicles are moved from the area that the truck will be using to load and unload as the time starts from when the vehicle arrives out front of your house and quite some time can be wasted moving vehicles to allow the truck access

7. Trim trees in driveway and entrances or pathways to enable easy passage for our staff and vehicle. Our staff are instructed not to force the vehicle through trees etc., as this will damage the vehicle

8. Moving house can be quite boring and stressful for the children, consider arranging for them to stay with a relative/friend during the move

9. You are welcome to provide your own workers to help us load and unload, at their own risk. Please be aware however that our insurance only covers damage caused by our staff

10. Please do not water your potted plants for two days prior to the move

11. If you live in a block of flats or apartments, please advise the other residents of the fact that you will be moving and at what time the truck is expected so that they can have their vehicles moved prior to our vehicle arriving and we don’t have to move our vehicle several times during the job

These tips are only a guide to help you and are not a requirement of Littleborough Removals, but they will make the moving day go much more smoothly.

If you have any further questions please phone call us on 01706 373 123