House Removals in Rochdale

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House Removals in RochdaleHouse removals in Rochdale with Littleborough Removals is a joint effort. Our team is highly experienced and well equipped to handle any size move and almost any piece of furniture. We provide verification of insurance for our clients and sign contracts outlining the logistics and cost of the job. Moving house is sometimes an exciting life change and other times it’s a sad one. Often, it’s both exciting and sad. It all adds up to stress and we understand that. While each client is a different experience for us, much of the process is familiar and routine. Our hope is that our experience and professionalism will relieve as much stress from the removal process for our clients as possible.

When we price your removal there are variables that will impact the cost like the size of house, distance and if you have a grand piano or commercial fridge. In Rochdale, house removals can be less stressful if the client is prepared with some simple guidelines. For instance, be sure to show us every room to be moved including the loft, basement, storage shed and garage. That’s the only way we can give you an accurate up-front cost.  It is helpful if you have the keys to your new home in hand before we begin the removal. We are happy to remove your appliances but they must first be disconnected including washers and dryers. In the case of refrigerators, of course, they should be empty. If you are going to need furniture dismantled and reassembled, please inform us ahead of time so we can have a team of technicians available to do that. Those guidelines will make for a smoother removal process and keep your cost down.

Our customers for house removals in Rochdale have the option of packing their own boxes and that will save time which equals money saved. We have all the boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap available for doing it yourself packing. We encourage you to use these supplies because they are sturdy and many are item-specific, such as dinnerware. If you use boxes from the market, they may break during the removal process, risking damage to your belongings. Contact Littleborough Removals for your house removal. By working together we can eliminate a lot of stress and you will experience a smooth experience with no surprises.

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