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removal company in RoytonIf you are moving office using a removal company in Royton, we at Littleborough Removals have some advice and tips for you.In response to an enquiry from a customer who recently booked a commercial move through us, we put together a list of helpful hints. This gentleman, whose office is relocating, wanted to know what he and his staff could or should do to ensure a problem free and smooth move.

In Royton, our removal company offers the following list of tips to those customers who are about to move their offices that will make their life – and ours – much easier. It’s easiest to divide the tips up in terms of the stages an office move goes through, namely initial planning, and just-before-the-move. For initial planning, include the following: appoint a staff member as your move co-ordinator; arrange access at the new premises; keep your staff informed of progress and developments; confirm the layout of your new premises; plan where furniture and equipment will be placed; and confirm the removal date with Littleborough Removals.

Just before the move, do these things: confirm final move details and insurance value; distribute written move instructions to staff; label all cartons, equipment and so on in accordance with the floor plan; reserve access areas that can be used by the removal truck; notify the landlord or other tenants, if applicable; place a copy of the floor plan in visible places at the new premises; send a copy of the floor plan to the removal company; confirm the time of the move with staff and the removal company; and place items for storage, clearly marked, in a separate area. Your removal company in Royton, Littleborough Removals, acknowledges that there can be unforeseen snags or complications with moves. However, by using these tips you will certainly help to avoid many of them and make your office relocation smoother and less disruptive for you, your staff, business and your customers. Call us today to see how we can help you!

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